Founded in 2007, Sabre UK Ltd. is a management consultancy and provides bespoke services to clients to facilitate them fulfilling aspirations in Asian markets, India and China in particular. Our multinational team consists of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge at senior levels across industries in Europe, North America, India and China and core specialties in major management disciplines ranging from corporate strategizing, operational efficiency improvement, Lean Principle implementation and supply chain management. Committed to delivering genuine sustainable benefits, we take hands-on role in each project to ensure solutions are not only developed but also implemented to generate designed values for the clients.

As the major growth engines for the world economy, India and China present enormous opportunities as well as challenges for organizations that seek sustainable growth in the global market. Drawing upon the abundant and in-depth experiences and expertise of our team in Western and Eastern cultures, we are able to deploy the niche and unique skills in helping clients understand the cultural differences and develop customized solutions suitable for Asian markets. We believe in mutual trust and partnership, and work with clients from the very beginning to create solutions and see through the projects to conclusion by involving in the implementation. Over the years, we have successfully brought about tangible results and lasting values to clients in aerospace, automotive, commercial refrigeration and health care industries across a broad range of areas:

  • Market development and entry strategy
  • Business partners identification and selection
  • Development of wholly-owned business or joint ventures
  • Lean business principle implementation across organization
  • Quality management
  • Cost reduction and efficiency enhancement
  • Legal advice and compliance through legal associates



Janet Shu Mackrill
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