Accurate Industrial Controls is based in Pune India and specializes in designing and manufacturing electrical instrumentation control panels for applications in various industries, including automotive, solar power, defense, telecommunications etc. When Sabre was working with a British company in 2010 on selecting a suitable licensee in India to manufacture the insulated drawer system refrigerator for catering industry, Accurate was chosen based on the knowhow in electrical area and their experience in Indian market. As it was a totally new sector for Accurate to enter, Sabre was involved from the very beginning in setting up a modern manufacturing facility in Pune, which was built based on Lean principle and designed to minimize the cost and maximize the output and efficiency. Subsequent training was provided by Sabre to Accurate staff to enable them to run the production line in accordance with Lean principle.

Since the commencement of the relationship between Accurate and the British company six years ago, Sabre has been working with Accurate team in various areas. On major area is helping them establish a supply chain, which connects with Asian and European suppliers and lays the basis for Accurate to supply the worldwide customers of the British licensor in a cost-effective and timely manner. Another main area is ongoing training provided by Sabre to senior management of Accurate in quality management, supply chain management and corporate culture establishment. Sabre still works with Accurate on a retention basis in offering management advices.



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