Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan Development

1. Target market analysis
  • Market size and growth trends;
  • Cost structure and profitability analysis;
  • Distribution systems and evolving development;
  • Key success factors.
2. Customer analysis
  • How the customers are segmented;
  • Customer motivations;
  • Customers’ unmet needs.
3. Competitor analysis
  • Identify current and potential competitors;
  • Apply “strategic group” concept to analysis when needed;
  • Competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
4. Environmental forces and strategic uncertainty analysis
  • Technological, cultural, political and regulatory changes and developments;
  • Identify the trends or events which will produce uncertainties and categorise them based on the degree of impacts on the business;
  • Scenarios analysis if necessary, which covers identifying scenarios and estimating the probabilities.
5. Marketing strategy formulation
  • Provide assistance in business internal analysis if required;
  • Upon requirement, facilitate client in identifying the strategic options and determinants of the options;
  • Make recommendations based on the comprehensive internal and external analysis.

6. Implementation plan development
Sabre team normally becomes part of the project team of the client and takes leading roles in key areas, including devising the project plan, organizing resources, implementing and monitoring the project throughout the course.



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